Thursday, 26 July 2007

Chapter 7

Finally finished some Simple Fabric Samples using more than one layer. Some are better than others I don't think the last one worked too well but I've got time to try more if I want.

The 1st 2 samples are very simple, just one row of running stitch and the same design in 2 colour ways.

Sample 1

Sample 2

This one is done on the sewing machine.

Sample 3

This one has running stitch in the yellow and blue of the fabrics.

Sample 4

The top layer of this sample was printed with a stamp I made of one of the shapes from earlier in the module.

Sample 5

I bonded a shape on to a piece of stamped fabric with a shape in crystal organza stitched on top for this sample.

Sample 6

and finally this is the one I'm not too keen on, I don't think the shapes show up as well as on some of the other samples.

Sample 7

All these samples are 4" square.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Chapter 6

This chapter involved turning some of the 'cut and fold' designs in paper in to bonded fabric appliqué using Bondaweb. I used some crystal organza for these but I may have a go with some other fabrics.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

This next lot are done with coloured tissue paper and I think I prefer these.

Sample 6

Sample 7

Sample 8

Sample 9

Sample 10

BTW these samples are all about 4" square.

One of the suggested methods was to bond snippets of fabric under a layer of net.

Sample 11

and then cut a shape from it to bond to the background fabric. This sample also has a shape cut from painted bondaweb on the top of it.

Sample 12

I used some of the fabric I dyed last week for this sample with a some more painted bondaweb on the top purple shape.

Sample 13

These last 2 samples are some bits I had left over so rather than waste them I bonded them to some left over of fabric.

Sample 14

Sample 15

Chapter 4

I've just finished Chapter 4 and what a great time I've had doing it. It was like being a child again painting and cutting paper. Did you every make paper doilies at school? You know you fold a square of paper up and cut bits out and when you open it up you have a doily, well it was a bit like that and boy did I have fun.

The first part was in black paper and I got a bit carried away with it, so here goes with the photos.

I had to pick a shape from my research and use it for inspiration to cut various shapes from the folded paper.

Next I had to do the same thing but in coloured paper and use 3 layers - one background, and 2 cut layers. All the pieces of paper in black and in colour are 10cms square. I only had to do 6 designs for this part but I got carried away again I was enjoying myself so much.

Next I've got to select some fabrics and decorate them then I can get stitching.

Chapter 3

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this chapter. I've been amazed at all the shapes I've been able to come up with from just a few basic star shapes.

I particularly like the colours I used in Design Sheet C. I've been watching coverage of the Chelsea Flowere show on BBC Tv and it seems purple and yellow are the "in" colours for flowers this summer, so I've been in fashion and I didn't even know it I just liked the colours I chose from the colour wheel.

Chapter 2 Cut paper shapes

I spent yesterday and this afternoon cutting and sticking 'Star and Cross' paper shapes on to paper for the last bit of Chapter 2 of my City and Guilds. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out because I didn't think it would work with the papers I'd coloured.

I got a bit carried away and did 2 A3 sheets of shapes.

This 1st one is purple/lavender on yellow:

You wouldn't think they would look so different considering they are both done with the same colours.

Module 1 Chapter 1

At last I've finished the 1st chapter of my City and Guilds Module 1. The design theme for this module is SHAPE and COLOUR and uses the STAR or CROSS shape as the area of interest. The obvious source of material for this is stars in the sky or the cross as a religious symbol so it is a bit hard to get away from looking for those sort of things so I made a page up with word relating to 'Stars and Crosses', I think they're called a 'spider' diagram.

Next I made a collection of images of STARS and CROSSES and glued them on to an A3 sheet of paper.

I seem to have used a lot more Star shapes than Crosses in this part. I'll do another sheet when I find some more pictures.

Next I had to make some simple line drawing from my research pictures. At first I wasn't too sure about this, I suppose being faced with a large piece of white paper didn't help but once I got started I lost track of time. I just maybe able to squeeze a few more into the spaces that are left if I find any more shapes I like.

Next it was on to a Colour Circle. I've done these before so thought I knew what I was doing but I misread the instructions so had to start again but it's turned out alright now.

I've decided to start a blog dedicated to my journey through City and Guilds in Embroidery with Distant Stitch. I was putting my work on my other blog but it was getting lost in all my other art and textile work.