Thursday, 26 July 2007

Chapter 7

Finally finished some Simple Fabric Samples using more than one layer. Some are better than others I don't think the last one worked too well but I've got time to try more if I want.

The 1st 2 samples are very simple, just one row of running stitch and the same design in 2 colour ways.

Sample 1

Sample 2

This one is done on the sewing machine.

Sample 3

This one has running stitch in the yellow and blue of the fabrics.

Sample 4

The top layer of this sample was printed with a stamp I made of one of the shapes from earlier in the module.

Sample 5

I bonded a shape on to a piece of stamped fabric with a shape in crystal organza stitched on top for this sample.

Sample 6

and finally this is the one I'm not too keen on, I don't think the shapes show up as well as on some of the other samples.

Sample 7

All these samples are 4" square.


Alis said...

These are really interesting designs Susan. Looking forward to seeing you develop them.

MargaretR said...

I shall enjoy your progress through your C&G Susan. you have obviously enjoyed the course so far. Great work.

Vivien said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the update on your blog. Your Module 1 work is super! I really enjoyed looking at it. I too am thinking of starting another blog, so I can keep C & G separate from other stuff I do (not that I have much time for other embroidery now). I will add you to my link list.