Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Chapter 4

I've just finished Chapter 4 and what a great time I've had doing it. It was like being a child again painting and cutting paper. Did you every make paper doilies at school? You know you fold a square of paper up and cut bits out and when you open it up you have a doily, well it was a bit like that and boy did I have fun.

The first part was in black paper and I got a bit carried away with it, so here goes with the photos.

I had to pick a shape from my research and use it for inspiration to cut various shapes from the folded paper.

Next I had to do the same thing but in coloured paper and use 3 layers - one background, and 2 cut layers. All the pieces of paper in black and in colour are 10cms square. I only had to do 6 designs for this part but I got carried away again I was enjoying myself so much.

Next I've got to select some fabrics and decorate them then I can get stitching.

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