Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Module 1 Chapter 1

At last I've finished the 1st chapter of my City and Guilds Module 1. The design theme for this module is SHAPE and COLOUR and uses the STAR or CROSS shape as the area of interest. The obvious source of material for this is stars in the sky or the cross as a religious symbol so it is a bit hard to get away from looking for those sort of things so I made a page up with word relating to 'Stars and Crosses', I think they're called a 'spider' diagram.

Next I made a collection of images of STARS and CROSSES and glued them on to an A3 sheet of paper.

I seem to have used a lot more Star shapes than Crosses in this part. I'll do another sheet when I find some more pictures.

Next I had to make some simple line drawing from my research pictures. At first I wasn't too sure about this, I suppose being faced with a large piece of white paper didn't help but once I got started I lost track of time. I just maybe able to squeeze a few more into the spaces that are left if I find any more shapes I like.

Next it was on to a Colour Circle. I've done these before so thought I knew what I was doing but I misread the instructions so had to start again but it's turned out alright now.

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Viv Estill said...

Really like your work - I agree - it is great how everyone turns out something different!