Monday, 6 August 2007

Chapter 7 revisited

I've done a couple more samples for Chapter 7 and taken Sian's advice and added some more stitching to a few of the previous samples that where a bit plain.

This is sample 6 from the previous post - I added some further running stitch around the yellow bonded shape and around the shapes the bonded fabric and crystal organza made.

and this is sample 7 that I wasn't too keen on. I added a layer of crystal organza and stitch further shapes before cutting it back to reveal the original scrim but left it in the middle of the sample. It's a lot more effective now.

These 2 samples are extra pieces I stitched over the weekend.

Sample 8

Sample 9


Anna said...

THese samples are just lovely. I love your use of hand stitching. When I did this module (many years ago now) it did not occur to me to hand stitch - all my work was machined!Maybe that's where I am going wrong!! :-) Great stuff !

Dy said...

I really love sample 9, the colour combo looks terrific and your stitching accents the piece beautifully!