Sunday, 26 August 2007

Chapter 8

I've spent the weekend finishing Chapter 8. I had to do about 6 samples of more complex designs but I got a bit carried away and I've done 8.

These first three are taken from the Cut and fold designs in coloured paper in Chapter 4.

Sample 1
Yellow shape machine stitched to stamped background fabric,
blue shape hand stitched in buttonhole stitch

Sample 2
Yellow shape hand stitched in buttonhole stitch,
blue shape hand stitched in slip stitch,
the star shape in the middle is stuffed from the back.

Sample 3
Purple shape machine stitched to background,
2nd shape is scrim bonded on to 1st shape then hand stitched.

The next ones are based on some of the black and white shapes from the same chapter.

Sample 4
Yellow shape bonded on to stamped background fabric and hand stitched,
second shape was hand stitched in straight stitch.

Sample 5
Yellow star was machine stitched to stamped background fabric,
2nd star shape was hand stitched in running stitch
with a 3rd star shape at centre in paler shade of purple.

Sample 6
Purple shape hand stitched to background,
a 2nd star shape was hand stitched on top,
3rd star shape hand stitched at centre then stuffed from behind.

Sample 7
Yellow shape was machine stitched to stamped background and
the middle star is stuffed from behind. I added a layer of organza over the whole piece
and machine stitched round then cut the middle away to expose the yellow star.

Sample 8
This sample has 2 layers of fabric yellow and purple with a combination of
hand and machine stitching. I cut back to reveal the yellow
and also stuffed from the back.

All the samples are 4" square.


takinanap said...

your samples are delightful. so full of life. enjoy visiting your blog.

Homeleightigger said...

Susan these samples are lovely. Does it come easy thinking of different ways to interpret the same thing? They all go together so well, but are all so different. Val

Vivien said...

Wow! These samples are sooo lovely - super job.

Alison said...

Susan at Random Blethers directed me to you. I was talking to her about a foundation course I was thinking of doing (with distant stitch)and she told me that you was doing the certificate with them. What I wanted to ask you think it is worth doing the foundation course or should I just go straight to the certificate?
Thank you so much - your blog has been really helpful and a great read.
Take care,