Friday, 12 October 2007

Chapter 10 revisited

I thought perhaps Sample 3 - Counterchange was a bit boring so Sian suggested I add some more of the same machine stitch pattern I'd already used but only in one of the coloured areas so it would emphasise the counterchange pattern. So I stitched in the purple areas and it does help a lot.

Chapter 9 revisited

I made a mistake on CONTEMPORARY METHODS - using machine stitching sample 1. I misread what I was supposed to do, I should have done 2 samples of it. I had to re do the first sample as well because I didn't have enough fabric. I was supposed to use exactly the same layers of fabric but in one sample cut towards the centre and the other one cut towards the outside.

Isn't it amazing how differently these 2 samples look even though I have used the same fabrics in both.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Chapter 10 Inlay Applique

Here are my samples for Chapter 10 Inlay Appliqué.

To start this Chapter I bonded pieces of fabric on to felt then hand stitched and machine stitched the pieces together. They measure 4" by 8".

From left to right - knotted insertion - cretan - cretan single spaced and grouped together - plaited insertion - and the last row from top to bottom - Tailors buttonhole - buttonhole half-bar - Italian buttonhole.

The machine stitching above is various stitches on my machine. It doesn't have a lot of choice so had to do the best I could with what was available.

Next I used a cross shape to do a Simple Counterchange sample. I bonded small pieces of cotton fabric between a piece of felt and a piece of organza, cut the shape out and swapped them over before stitching them together.

Sample 1 - Simple Counterchange
each piece is 5" square

This sample is an Interchange sample. I bonded 2 different shapes on to 2 colours of felt then cut out the same basic cross shape and swapped them over. They looked a bit plain when I'd stitched them together so I added some embroidery around the squares and a cross shape in the middle of each piece.

Sample 2 - Interchange
each piece is 5" square

Next I had to do a more complicated Counterchange sample. I bonded cotton fabric on to felt before cutting out the shape from earlier work and swapping each part until I got this design. I decided to machine stitch this piece together. I'm not sure whether to leave it like this or to add some embroidery to it??

Sample 3 - Counterchange
each quarter is 4" square making an 8" square

Lastly a fun method of inlay using Mock Insertion. I again bonded snippets of cotton fabric on to some scrim this time and bonded organza on top before bonding it to felt. I cut the shape out then bonded them to a piece of muslin with gaps in between. I used cross stitch to suggest that the shapes are held together by stitching and not by the bonding.

Sample 4 - Mock Insertion
4" square