Monday, 1 October 2007

Chapter 10 Inlay Applique

Here are my samples for Chapter 10 Inlay Appliqué.

To start this Chapter I bonded pieces of fabric on to felt then hand stitched and machine stitched the pieces together. They measure 4" by 8".

From left to right - knotted insertion - cretan - cretan single spaced and grouped together - plaited insertion - and the last row from top to bottom - Tailors buttonhole - buttonhole half-bar - Italian buttonhole.

The machine stitching above is various stitches on my machine. It doesn't have a lot of choice so had to do the best I could with what was available.

Next I used a cross shape to do a Simple Counterchange sample. I bonded small pieces of cotton fabric between a piece of felt and a piece of organza, cut the shape out and swapped them over before stitching them together.

Sample 1 - Simple Counterchange
each piece is 5" square

This sample is an Interchange sample. I bonded 2 different shapes on to 2 colours of felt then cut out the same basic cross shape and swapped them over. They looked a bit plain when I'd stitched them together so I added some embroidery around the squares and a cross shape in the middle of each piece.

Sample 2 - Interchange
each piece is 5" square

Next I had to do a more complicated Counterchange sample. I bonded cotton fabric on to felt before cutting out the shape from earlier work and swapping each part until I got this design. I decided to machine stitch this piece together. I'm not sure whether to leave it like this or to add some embroidery to it??

Sample 3 - Counterchange
each quarter is 4" square making an 8" square

Lastly a fun method of inlay using Mock Insertion. I again bonded snippets of cotton fabric on to some scrim this time and bonded organza on top before bonding it to felt. I cut the shape out then bonded them to a piece of muslin with gaps in between. I used cross stitch to suggest that the shapes are held together by stitching and not by the bonding.

Sample 4 - Mock Insertion
4" square

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