Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Chapter 11 Resolved Sample

I've finished Chapter 11 which is a Resolved Sample based on 'Growth and Disintegration'.

First I had to do samples with paper to show 'disintegration'

Paper Samples

Paper Shapes

Next using calico or similar fabric different ways of disintegrating a square of fabric.

Then I had to do some samples using stitching to show a shape growing or disintegrating.

This is the design in coloured paper I used as the basis for my 'Resolved Sample.

I used 4 layers of fabric on a base of calico - 2 of cotton in purple and yellow and 2 of organza on purple and yellow -I also stamped a pattern on the organza in the opposite colour so purple on yellow and yellow on purple.

I firstly machine stitched the design on to the 5 layers.

Then cut back the first layer of organza in the large stars.

close up of stitching

another layer of machine stitching and cut back to represent 'disintegration',

To finish I added hand stitching in the large squares and the centre star to represent 'growth'.

close up of hand stitching

The finished sample is 10" square. The colours are a bit different in each photo unfortunately but the colours in life are nearer to those in photo 4 of the finished sample.


fiona d said...

This looks like a really interesting exercise - I love the paper and the calico samples, you've done a lot of experimenting

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Goodness, you're doing well! Good luck with city and guilds and hope you're enjoying it.

Lori B said...

Your exercises are wonderful. The hand embroidery works really well with the disintegration theme. Your organization and polished presentation makes for easy browsing.

e said...
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