Sunday, 24 February 2008

Chapter 3 continued

After using normal stitching I had to go on to 'whip' stitch on the next samples. I've done it the best I can on my sewing machine. It has a bobbin that drops in the top not like my old machine where it went in a case before being put in the machine. That meant I couldn't alter the tension on the bobbin so I had to do the best I could by altering the tension on the top stitch and reducing the pressure on the foot. I also had to stitch from the wrong side so didn't know if it was correct until I'd finished and had a look.

Sample A
not a very good example, bit too loose

Sample B
getting better

Sample C

Sample D

Sample E
All the following samples have a thicker thread wound on to the bobbin.

Sample F

Sample G

Sample H

Sample I

Sample J

Sample K


verobirdie said...

Very interesting samplers! It is nice to see how a G&c course goes.
Thanks for sharing.

Jan said...

these samples are stunning, love the tonal ones too

Stephanie M said...

It seems to me that you are producing fine work, even if you think your machine has limitations. I managed to buy a separate 'bobbin case' for my machine (Husqvarna) - the bobbin drops in the top. I now have a white insert for changing the bobbin tension, and the standard black bobbin case for normal stitching. I wondered if something like this is available for your machine. I produced many of my samples working from the 'wrong' side. Regards Stephanie