Friday, 29 August 2008

Chapter 9 - The Fibonnacci Sequence

This Chapter explores the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Section. The samples are following the instruction in Chapter 9 using decorated paper.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Chapter 8 - Not What it Seams

This Chapter focussed on different ways of adding texture to seams to add detail to finished items.

Next samples are of 'Trimmings' - Ribbons, cords, and toggles.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Chapter 7 - Traditional 'Piecing' Methods

The first samples for this chapter involved using some of my patterned papers to make 'log cabin' designs before translating them into samples using my patterned fabrics.

Next are my samples of the 'Seminole' method.

Stitched version 14 x 8 inch

Bondaweb version 14 x 8 inch

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chapter 6 - Patterning of Fabrics using cold Water Dyes and Fabric Paints

You would think in a large city like Liverpool that I would have been able to buy some fabrics with black and white prints wouldn't you - but I haven't so I've had to make do with fabrics I've dyed or monoprinted.

The first 3 are done with stamps I made by sticking pieces of Funky foam on to another piece of foam and stamping with fabric paints.

White on Black cotton

Black on White cotton

White on Black cotton

The next 5 are 'mono prints' again using fabric paints.

Black on White cotton

White on Black cotton

Black painted on with kebab stick

The next samples are my first attempt at 'Shibori'. I used Dylon cold water dye in black but I don't know what went wrong - too much water or not enough dye for the weight of fabric.

Pleated cotton fabric then folded

Rolled up on diagonal round tube then,
elastic band at one end then scrunched down tube

Scrunched into ball and held together with elastic band

Elastic band round fabric

Composite sheet of Fabric samples