Monday, 22 September 2008

Chapter 12 continued

I need a bag to protect my camera so I've started to make my design up even if I don't use it for my 3D embroidered item.

I've realised I didn't put measurements on my design drawings. My camera is what is known as a 'bridge' camera - in between a compact and a DSLR but it's considerably larger than a compact. I've put a ruler beside the bag to give an idea of size.

The base is a 6 sided shape but once it's been sewn into the sides the bag becomes rounded.


Vivien said...

HI Susan,

Re: your wooden doll.

I guess we will always remain our parents' little girls. Lovely to have those little tangible treasures to remember our loved ones.
Thank you for your comments.

Jan said...

Fabulous idea.Having watched this project evolve from the beginning it's great seeing it taking shape ito a very usable and functuable item. stunning work.
love jan x

Jan said...

oops should have read 'functional'!! LOL
J x

Purple Missus said...

Brilliant Susan. Loved seeing the way it evolved - particularly like your 'light bulb' moment with the dolly bag. :)

Anonymous said...

looks great!