Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chapter 12 revisited again....

After Sian had seen my last piece she suggested I have another go as it still wasn't large enough for an assessment piece. Hopefully this 3rd attempt will be suitable. It's 10 inches tall and about 8 inches from back to front, more of an oval shape than round and it stands up properly this time because I used buckram for the base and between the lining and outer decorated fabric.

Front view

I replaced the eyelets with buttons covered with some of the decorated fabric I had left over.

Side view

Back view

After a few attempts at finishing the ends of the cords I finally came up with these.


Gina said...

Hi Susan, Yes please would love some more wiggly bags if you have time. Can you email me on textiles(at)ginaferrari(dot)co(dot)uk so that I can email the instructions to you. Thank you! Like your black and white vessel - very striking!

fiona d said...

I've liked all this black and white work and think it has got better and better - this piece is really dramatic - great work

Fibrenell said...

just found your blog and thought I'd say that I love your vessel. Hope that module 3 is going well and 'colourfully'.
I'm also with Sian, now doing the diploma work.

Elisabeth Braun said...

You know, I do wish C&G would be more specific on their syllabus about sizes etc. Our teacher says samples are supposed to be about 6"x6", but nothing is said about that in the syllabus! Doesn't tell you what an 'experimental sample' or a 'resolved piece' is either!!!

sharon young said...

Lovely 3D piece, Susan, the black and white fabrics look great as do the buttons and cord ends.
So glad you enjoyed the hat exhibition post, I was intrigued to learn that you studied millinery, what a great opportunity.