Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Chapter 8 Beads

I thought I didn't have enough different types of beads but it's amazing what you can do with even with a limited assortment. I've discovered I prefer hand stitching beads too machine stitching them to the background. I suppose with practice I'd get better.

Top row: shisha glass, blue/yellow flower sequin with bead, yellow flower sequin with gold round sequin with bead, blue beads hand stitched.

2nd row: blue beads machine stitched, gold, bronze sequins with beads, blue sequins, gold beads machine stitched.

3rd row: beads under chiffon, blue bugle beads with blue round beads, orange bugle beads, washers and sequins under chiffon.

4th row: blue beads with sequin hanging, bronze beads, blue bugle and round beads, gold beads hanging.

5th row: blue beads, orange bugle with gold beads.

Various beads and sequins stitched into spiral shape.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Chapter 7 Simple Button making

This chapter is concerned with making buttons from various 3d cores.

I used curtain rings in different sizes for my Dorset button samples and must admit I got a bit carried away doing them.

The sizes range from 2cm up to 4cm.

The composite buttons are made from bought 'easy cover buttons' to pieces of foam and yet another 'dorset button' made with fabric wound round large curtain ring and wool buttonhole stitched around a smaller one.

and finally my toggle samples made from straws, centre from cotton reels or wound fabric.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chapter 6 Simple Tassels

Loads of tassels from simple to a bit fancier.

curtain ring wound with cotton

washer wound with yellow with complimentary blue tassel

washers wound with 2 colours

tassels of various threads

left tassel - cotton reel would with thread
right tassel - needlelace decoration

three ring tassel made with plastic rings

machine made cords knotted into tassels

and finally a 'Super Tassel' ...........

..... close up of top of tassel. Large round curtain ring for top with spiral made of pipe cleaner wound with wool then gold over the top and beads handing between.

Close of middle, showing medium size curtain rings in orange with machine made braids hanging from them..........

........ to support small curtain rings and tassels.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chapter 5 Cord Making

1. yellow fabric machine stitched cord with blue machine made cord
2. Thick and thin machine made cord with beads threaded on
3. blue machine made cord and orange thread on blue wool cord
4. thick and thin machine made cord

1-6. twisted cords made of various thickness of threads
7-11. twisted cords made from machine made cords

1-9. various machine made cords plaited and knotted

1-7. various cords

1-5. knotted cords made from machine made cords and fabric cords

1-3. cords knotted at intervals

Friday, 20 March 2009

Chapter 4 Decorate with Stitchery

Hand embroidered spiral samples

Sample 1
running stitch spirals on plain blue background

Sample 2
chain stitch spiral in 2 shades of blue and 2 shades of orange
on a orange monoprint on blue background

Sample 3
blue and orange on plain orange background

1 Chain stitch
2 Cable Chain stitch
3 Basque stitch
4 Scroll stitch
5 Berwick stitch
6 Scroll stitch
7 Basque stitch

Sample 4
blue monoprint on orange background

1 Alternating Barred Chain stitch
2 Reversed Buttonhole Bar
3 Palestrina stitch
4 Buttonhole stitch
5 Chain stitch
6 Cable Chain stitch

Sample 5
Couched orange dishcloth thread on monoprint background

Machine embroidered spiral samples

Sample 1

orange thread wound on bobbin and stitched with loose tension
on plain blue background

Sample 2

orange thread wound on bobbin and stitched with loose tension
I think it needs more stitching added to it ????

Sample 3

orange dishcloth thread machine couched
on to monoprint background

Sample 4

orange and blue dishcloth thread machine couched
on to monoprint background

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Chapter 3 Fabric and Threads

My chosen colour scheme for this Module - Blue and orange. Cotton fabric and threads dyed using Procion Mx dyes.

I left some plain and monoprinted the rest.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chapter 2 Design work

I chose 'orange and blue' complementary colours for this module but this could include turquoise and indigo or gold and reddy orange.

I started by painting papers in my chosen colours then monoprinting and stamping to decorate them.

The following 3D shapes where made from corrugated card.

The last part of this chapter was to use the computer to create spirals.

I used my newish graphics pad to draw the next 2 pages in Photoshop
and the final 2 pages where done in Word.