Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chapter 6 Simple Tassels

Loads of tassels from simple to a bit fancier.

curtain ring wound with cotton

washer wound with yellow with complimentary blue tassel

washers wound with 2 colours

tassels of various threads

left tassel - cotton reel would with thread
right tassel - needlelace decoration

three ring tassel made with plastic rings

machine made cords knotted into tassels

and finally a 'Super Tassel' ...........

..... close up of top of tassel. Large round curtain ring for top with spiral made of pipe cleaner wound with wool then gold over the top and beads handing between.

Close of middle, showing medium size curtain rings in orange with machine made braids hanging from them..........

........ to support small curtain rings and tassels.

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