Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Chapter 8 Beads

I thought I didn't have enough different types of beads but it's amazing what you can do with even with a limited assortment. I've discovered I prefer hand stitching beads too machine stitching them to the background. I suppose with practice I'd get better.

Top row: shisha glass, blue/yellow flower sequin with bead, yellow flower sequin with gold round sequin with bead, blue beads hand stitched.

2nd row: blue beads machine stitched, gold, bronze sequins with beads, blue sequins, gold beads machine stitched.

3rd row: beads under chiffon, blue bugle beads with blue round beads, orange bugle beads, washers and sequins under chiffon.

4th row: blue beads with sequin hanging, bronze beads, blue bugle and round beads, gold beads hanging.

5th row: blue beads, orange bugle with gold beads.

Various beads and sequins stitched into spiral shape.

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