Monday, 8 June 2009

Chapter 12 A Resolved Sample

I made a stamp using some 'funky foam' cut to shape and stuck to a piece of polystyrene.

Ist layer - I used some orange fabric paint to stamp on to a piece of yellow fabric.

2nd Layer - embellishing machine to attach a piece of crystal organza to the stamped fabric.

3rd Layer - machine stitched spirals using blue thread on the bobbin and yellow on top, sewing from the back to get whip stitch on the front.

I then couched various thickness of threads - machine made cords, knotted cords to the background.

Finished resolved sample

Close ups of resolved sample.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Chapter 11 A Full Working Design Sheet

I had to make a Design Sheet showing how the Hat and buttons evolved.

I painted 2 A3 sheets of card with orange which when put together make the Design Sheet A2 in size.

I think I've included enough to show how the buttons where made. I showed the progress of making the hat in the post covering Chapter 10.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chapter 10 Make an Accessory

I had this idea from the start of this module so I made a paper mock up to start with to see if it would work before I went any further.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the next stage but I made a template to cut a piece of buckram the shape I wanted. I rolled a piece of card in to a cone shape covered it with cling film then wet the buckram and wound it round the mold.

Once the buckram dried I removed it re-cut the ends to a more suitable shape and sewed millinery wire to the edge to stabilize it.

Next I covered the 'fascinator' with a lining of scrim.

I used some scrim I dyed in one of my chosen colours for the final layer. I decided to fray the edges at the top.

After a few false starts I finally used a machine made cord to couch a spiral decoration.

Buttons for decoration.

1.5 inch curtain ring covered with decorated fabric.

Dorset button made from 1 inch curtain ring.

Dorset button attached to fabric button.

Buttons attached to 'fascinator'.