Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Module 4 - Chapter 1 Media Research

In the introduction Sian says to consider a personal theme within this topic so it's individual to me. I reached my 50th birthday earlier this year and I think you start to look back on what you've achieved or not achieved in your life.

I've also been trying to trace my family tree so my theme will be 'nostalgia'.

A few years ago my Mum and I went through a load of papers that had been accumulated over the years. I was amazed to find some bills from my Mum and Dad's wedding back in 1957 so I scanned them along with their wedding certificate and birth certificates for this 1st collection.

I knew all those stamps that I'd been saving would come in handy one day. I usually send them to charities that sell them on but I'd got quite a pile. I went through them and made two A4 pages of the fancy ones.

Alphabet made from various fonts. NB there are a few letters missing, I'll add them when I find suitable ones.

Different styles of lettering.

I used my word for this Module and tried a few of the 'typeface' that comes in Photoshop.

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