Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mum is ill..........

......I could be away for some time. My Mum was rushed into hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning with breathing problems that turned out to be pneumonia and today the chest specialist says she also has fluid on the lungs. I'll try to do some work when I have the time it keeps my mind occupied and from worrying.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Chapter 6 Drawn Thread Work Stitchery

Sample 1 - I withdraw the threads from the middle to the sides then zig zag machined over the resulting grid. Finally I hand stitched the loose threads down.

Sample 2 - threads withdrawn then zig zag machined at various intervals then various hand stitching.

Sample 3 - threads withdrawn horizontally and vertically , zig zag machine vertical lines with hand stitching then ribbons threaded through horizontally.

Sample 4 - withdrawn threads horizontally and vertically, zig zag stitched then vertical hand stitch.

NB think I need to use a darker thread for the hand stitch, it doesn't show up.

Samples 5-7 - I think I need to add more machine or hand stitching to these samples, they are a bit plain????

NB I need to think more outside the box - these samples are very repetitive and symmetrical and apart from the 1st sample a bit plain.

Update I did some more stitching on to one of the plainer samples.