Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chapter 10 Making Book or Portfolio structures

I had so much fun making these book structures.

Book 1 - I started with a simple Accordian with tunnel A5 size

Book 2 - Next something I found on the Internet, a Victorian puzzle purse but made from paper. The idea is you write something in side then the recipient has to work out how it fold together again, easy once you know how.

Book 3 - A5 size

Book 4 - Origami book - made from A4 paper printed with lettering design from previous chapter and sprayed with walnut ink to give aged look. Cover is piece of painted nappy liner ironed to cotton fabric and machine stitched. Held together with machine made cord.

Book 5 - concertina book with signatures A5 size.

Book 6 - A6 size.

Book 7 - postcard size.

Book 8 - Piano hinge with skewers

Book 9 - Star book

I've included these Doodle books from Lynda Monks online workshop as they show how to sew signatures into an outer cover.

Doodle book 1

Doodle book 2 - I used watercolour paper for the signatures.


Lisa Walton said...

I just love these. thanks for sharing them.

Gina said...

I love all those folded book structures.

Daniela said...

This is an outstanding post Susan. Your book structures are beautiful, I especially love samples 6 and 9.

Fiona said...

fantastic collection of books!

Hazel said...

These are glorious Susan - I can see your heart in them!

Pat said...

This is stunning stuff, I have only visited your other blog before and never new of the wonders here.

sandra wyman said...

Love these - I'm a fellow book enthusiast.

Thanks for your comment on my blog post (Brief History of Western Art) - yes of course please do add a link! I'm flattered!

Sandy said...

What wonderful books. I like to make them too. Thanks for commenting on my blog.