Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Chapter 9 Stitching into Papers

I didn't colour the pulps with dye so the papers are very pale, just slightly pink from where the dye must have come out of some of the threads I used.

I've put the original first followed by the stitched sample.

Sample 1
thick thread embedded in pulp,
individual Basque stitch

Sample 2
drawn thread fabric with paper around edge,
cross stitch

Sample 3
pulp on back of drawn thread fabric,
paper shows through after hand stitching

Sample 4
drawn thread fabric with paper edge,
backed with green fabric then pink hand stitched

Sample 5
drawn thread fabric with paper edge
cross stitch and herringbone stich

Sample 6
thick thread grid embedded in pulp,
hand stitching in squares

Sample 7
Used the last of the pulp with thread grid,
Cretan stitch to attach it to background fabric

Hand embroidered stitch on edge of paper.


Machine stitch on edge of paper.


Fiona said...

love samples 6 and 7. really like your use of cretan stitch

fiona d said...

this work is fascinating - I love your experiments

Anne B said...

Gorgeous samples.