Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chapter 2: Exploring Textures with Papers

I only had small pieces of black card to use (A6) so I put 2 tester pieces on each.  Ripping and folding with different types of paper.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
 An A4 piece of card (or I should say 2 x A6 pieces taped together) for an experiment of scrunching paper down from A4 to fit in to a smaller section.

a - tissue paper
b - brown wrapping paper
c - tracing paper
d -  drafting paper
e - newspaper 
f - rice paper
g - kitchen roll
h - copy paper

A6 pieces of card with 'Manipulated tissue paper' samples.

Sample 1 - strips twisted and knotted
Sample 2 - holes punched then scrunched and holes glued around

Sample 3 - twisted strips then tissue glued over them

Sample 4 - piece of tissue put through a pleating machine

Sample 5 - pleated

Sample 6 - pleated, twisted and knotted 

Sample 7 - pleated, twisted and knotted

Sample 8 - pleated, scrunched with holes

Sample 9 - twisted, scrunched with holes

Sample 10 -  pleated, pleated with holes

Sample 11 - pleated

Sample 12 - pleated

Sample 13 - pleated and twisted

Sample 14 - pleated

Sample 15 - pleated, twisted and knotted

Sample 16 - scrunched, pleated and twisted

Sample 17 - pleated, twisted and knotted

I misread Sian's instructions - I should have combined 2 processes in the same piece of paper which I have done in some samples but in most of the them I  combined 2 processes in a sample.


Fiona said...

these samples and photos look great!

ferinn said...

I love your pleated samples ,they dance on the page.

sharon young said...

What a lovely selection of samples, I especially like the ones you've done on the pleating machine, the look really exciting.
Thanks for dropping in on my blog, it was great to see another student there :-)

sharon young said...

Hi Susan
The penny's just dropped, it wasn't till i saw your full name on Sian's blog list that I realised you're and ex Calendar Girl :-)

Pattee said...

Wow you are so creative...
An X calendar girl? Hmm that sounds cool!

sanjay mishra said...

amazing.... these really inspire me to do a fresh things........

Rachel Evans said...

Hi Susan, i think your leafing samples are wonderful!
im an art teacher in the midlands and would love to show these images to my students, could you tell me anymore information about pleating machines and pleating with papers? i would be really fascinated to hear a little bit more about how you manipulated these paper samples?
Many thanks

Rachel Evans