Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Chapter 11 embroidered panel revisited

Sian thought my panels needed a bit more embroidery on them so I've add some cretan stitch loosely all over the previous stitching.

Close up of stitching.

I felt it still needed some more stitching so I wove thread through the top and bottom to finish it off.

Close up of woven stitching.

I've re-done the composite sheet as well.

Instead of using a black background I've put the different components on to a background of various family documents i.e. birth and marriage certificates.  I'm not very good at this side of things so I hope this is the sort of thing you meant Sian.


Thimble Fingers said...

I think its lovely, the colours are so soft and inviting, and very "spring like".

Jensters said...

So so wonderful....the colours are great too.

Jackie said...

This is beautiful. Such delicate work.