Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chapter 3 Texture and Relief in Paper

This chapter involves taking some of the photos of texture from an earlier chapter and interpreting them with paper.
Sample 1 - Strips of tissue paper to look like grasses.
Sample 2 - PVA glue and one piece of tissue manipulated.
Sample 3 - Tissue twisted and shaped.


UPDATE 1st May Sian thought the paper I used in this sample didn't convey the waxy leaves so I added some other paper on top.
Sample 4 - Tissue paper scrunched and shaped stuck down with PVA, bark of tree.
Sample 5 - Cotton wool covered with scrunched tissue stuck down with PVA, bark of tree.
Sample 6 - Scraps of thread stuck down with PVA then covered with tissue, branches of tree.
Sample 7 - Rolls of scrunched paper covered with tissue all stuck down with PVA, bark of tree.