Monday, 10 May 2010

Chapter 6 Tucks, Pleats and Gathers

Samples of tucks, pleats and gathers using 100% cotton, calico and scrim.

Sample 1 Pleats

Sample 2 Box Pleats

Sample 3 Pin tucks

Sample 4 Pin tucks

Sample 5 Tapered Pleat

Sample 6 

Sample 7

Sample 8 Tuck and Pin Tucks

Sample 9 Tucks

Sample 10 Tucks 

Sample 11 Hand stitched Pin Tucks

Sample 12 Tuck with straw

Sample 13 Tuck with pipe cleaner

Sample 14 Stuffed and oversewn Tucks

Sample 15 Stuffed Tucks

Sample 16 Tucks with cut outs and frayed edges

Sample 17 Gathered with skewer

Sample 18 Straight Machine Gathering

Sample 19 Wave Machine Gathering

Sample 20 Gathered Tucks

Sample 21 Hand Gathered vertically and horizontally

Sample 22 Hand Gathered randomly

Sample 23 Pleating machine

Sample 24 Pleating machine

Sample 25 Pleating machine

Sample 26 Machine stitched gathers

Sample 27 Hand stitch Gathering

Sample 28 Linen scrim threads pulled to gather

1 comment:

safia said...

hi there, just wanted to say, your samples are gorgeous...ive just started a creative embroidery course and cant do half the stuff u've demonstrated here! real eye candy for a sore student...would you be so kind as to write a short "how-to" with each picture? anything that an ignoramus like moi could learn from? much appreciated, and best of luck w/ ur work!