Monday, 31 May 2010

Chapter 11 Design from Landscape - Texture and Shape

Part A - Use of Texture

Decorated papers paint over wax crayon rubbings

a, d, e, f, g manipulated paper
b, c, gesso 

top left paint scraped with twig
top right filter in PS
bottom left walnut ink over wax crayon
bottom right charcoal pencil

Part B - Use of Shape


Stage 2


Stage 2

Thursday, 27 May 2010

What a difference a week makes

This time last week I honestly thought I would be organizing a funeral.  But thankfully I was so wrong.  My Mum is well on the way to recovering.  They moved her out of critical care on Monday afternoon.  She's in a side room for now because she has an MRSA infection in her nose, it seems lots of us have this without knowing it.  She's very unsteady on her feet but I suppose you can expect that after 5 days in bed but hopefully she will get her strength back  soon.

We had a laugh though when she said the pysio was teaching her how to breath, as if she hasn't been for the past 84 years.  But that was part of the problem I think she doesn't breath deeply enough into her lungs, it seems she doesn't breath out the carbon dioxide so it builds up in her lungs.

I hope they will let her home soon because this travelling up to the hospital each day is killing me.  I keep forgetting to take my blood pressure medicine and I think I'm anaemic again because I have to keep stopping every few yards because I'm out of breath.  I forgot to take my iron tablets for the past week so that hasn't helped.

Thanks everyone for you kind thoughts and prayers they are very much appreciated.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Not again

My poor Mum is in hospital again with pneumonia.  The past few days have been fraught.  Her breathing had got so bad I had to call an ambulance on Wednesday night and to be honest I didn't think we would make it to the hospital she was so bad they had the lights and sirens going all the way.  They took her straight into A & E but it was over half an hour before they could tell me how she was and of course I panicked when they took me into the relatives room I expected the worst.  They said she was very ill and when they took me through to see her I knew she was in a bad way.  The Dr from ICU said she had single organ shutdown and that if it spread to other organs they would only be able to make her comfortable. I freaked out when they asked what she would want doing if they had to resuscitate her.   I had to phone my brother to come over from York because they didn't think she would last the night.    They let us see here for a few minutes in ICU but there wasn't much we could do but go home, now I'm not an overly religious person but I did pray a lot that night.  My brother is a born again Christian so he'd asked his friends from church to pray for her.

We phoned next morning and they said she was still critical but talking to the staff so we went up to the hospital and they let us see here again for a few minutes and I can't believe the difference she was so much better.  They must have pumped her full of antibiotics to get the pneumonia under control.  She's still in ICU because they are waiting for a bed in the chest ward for her.  They've taken out all the needles that where stuck in her and reduced the oxygen she needs.

As my brother said earlier today 'The Power of Prayer', it is indeed miraculous.

Hopefully she is over the worst and on the mend, but I'll try to get some work done in between hospital visiting.

NB  I've just looked up Aintree University Hospital (although we know it by its old name of Fazakerly Hospital)  and the Critical Care Unit is state of the art and the Chest ward (one of 3) she'll be going to is one of the largest in the country and many of the consultants are national or international experts so she is getting the best treatment possible.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Chapter 10 Stitch to Translate

Translate the rubbings of paper reliefs into stitching.  Not sure these have worked very well so may try some more.

Sample 1 

Sample 2

Sample 3

Friday, 14 May 2010

Chapter 9 Threads and Stitchery

I stitched this sample of some of the different stitches available - flat - looped - chained - knotted and composite stitches.

a - darning
b - dot
c - stem
d - satin
e - herringbone
f - thorn
g - cross
h - chevron
i - arrowhead
j - buttonhole
k - fly
l - cretan
m - knotted cretan
n - knotted loop
o - double fly
p -braid
q - chain
r - open chain
s - wheat ear
t - feather
u - laced running
v - pekinese
w - interlaced running
x - rope
y - detached chain
z - basque
1 - bullion
2 - french knot
3 - whipped buttonhole

Next 2 samples of buttonhole and its variations.

a, b, d, e - variations on buttonhole stitch
g, h - up and down buttonhole
j, l - knotted buttonhole
k - crossed buttonhole

variations on buttonhole, up and down buttonhole and
crossed buttonhole

Finally rubbings of the relief surfaces

 Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6 

Sample 7

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chapter 8 Paper Relief into Fabric Relief

Translate 5 of the paper relief surfaces from Chapter 3 in two different ways in fabric.

Sample 1 (from sample 7 in Chapter 3)
 Left: scrim with wool top padding with hand stitching
Right: muslin wadding with machine stitching

Sample 2 (from sample 1 in Chapter 3)
Top: organza with twin machine stitching
Bottom: twin machine stitching then threaded with wool

Sample 3 (from sample 6 in Chapter 3)
Left: surprise outcome with this sample, organza twin needle pin tuck
Right: cotton twin needle pin tuck

Sample 4 (from sample 4 in Chapter 3)
Left: muslin with bondaweb on back to get tucks then hand stitched
Right: cotton machined tucks 

Sample 5 (from sample 2 in Chapter 3)
Left: scrim gathered
Right: muslin with bondaweb to make tucks

Monday, 10 May 2010

Chapter 7 Textural Contrasts

Sample of different textures using calico with the odd bit of scrim with a light coating of emulsion over the top

 a twisted calico
b pleated calico
c crushed scrim
d woven calico
e knotted calico
f rolled calico
g knotted and wound calico
h rolled calico with thread wound round
i rolled calico on edge
j suffolk puffs
k beads wound with thread under calico
l pleated calico
m twisted calico

Chapter 6 Tucks, Pleats and Gathers

Samples of tucks, pleats and gathers using 100% cotton, calico and scrim.

Sample 1 Pleats

Sample 2 Box Pleats

Sample 3 Pin tucks

Sample 4 Pin tucks

Sample 5 Tapered Pleat

Sample 6 

Sample 7

Sample 8 Tuck and Pin Tucks

Sample 9 Tucks

Sample 10 Tucks 

Sample 11 Hand stitched Pin Tucks

Sample 12 Tuck with straw

Sample 13 Tuck with pipe cleaner

Sample 14 Stuffed and oversewn Tucks

Sample 15 Stuffed Tucks

Sample 16 Tucks with cut outs and frayed edges

Sample 17 Gathered with skewer

Sample 18 Straight Machine Gathering

Sample 19 Wave Machine Gathering

Sample 20 Gathered Tucks

Sample 21 Hand Gathered vertically and horizontally

Sample 22 Hand Gathered randomly

Sample 23 Pleating machine

Sample 24 Pleating machine

Sample 25 Pleating machine

Sample 26 Machine stitched gathers

Sample 27 Hand stitch Gathering

Sample 28 Linen scrim threads pulled to gather