Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chapter 8 Paper Relief into Fabric Relief

Translate 5 of the paper relief surfaces from Chapter 3 in two different ways in fabric.

Sample 1 (from sample 7 in Chapter 3)
 Left: scrim with wool top padding with hand stitching
Right: muslin wadding with machine stitching

Sample 2 (from sample 1 in Chapter 3)
Top: organza with twin machine stitching
Bottom: twin machine stitching then threaded with wool

Sample 3 (from sample 6 in Chapter 3)
Left: surprise outcome with this sample, organza twin needle pin tuck
Right: cotton twin needle pin tuck

Sample 4 (from sample 4 in Chapter 3)
Left: muslin with bondaweb on back to get tucks then hand stitched
Right: cotton machined tucks 

Sample 5 (from sample 2 in Chapter 3)
Left: scrim gathered
Right: muslin with bondaweb to make tucks

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