Friday, 2 July 2010

Chapter 2 Designing with shapes and layers

I painted various papers to use in this chapter using the colours from my photos in the opening chapter.
Paper 1

Paper 1a

Paper 2

Paper 2a

Paper 3

Paper 3a

Paper 4

Paper 4a

Paper 5

Paper 5a

I used some of the previous papers to do more designs using more than one layer.

Paper 1 cut and reassembled  in different order

Paper 2a cut and reassembled twice

Paper 3 cut and reassembled twice
(think this looks more like a landscape than water)

The following are using 2 different painted papers cut and reassembled a number of times

Paper 6 
I only did this one twice as I liked the effect it gave.

Paper 7 
This was done 3 times and started to take on different shape

Paper 8
This one was cut and reassembled 3 times as well.

Paper 9

1 comment:

Anne B said...

I like the flowing, organic shapes. The bolder colours seem to work better than the softer ones. Number 6 pieced sample is gorgeous.