Saturday, 28 August 2010


You will notice I've turned on Comment moderation.  I was tired of getting spam for dubious products, anyone that's had the same will know what I mean.  Glad to see Blogger has done something about it though "We have enabled automatic spam detection for comments." Hopefully that will deal with it.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I made it by the skin of my teeth.  My C & G registration runs out on Saturday so I've been hard at work on my wall hanging (see last post) so I wouldn't have to pay another 3 years registration. 

I've enjoyed my 3 years C & G and learnt a lot although I'm still not as adventurous as I could be but perhaps that is just my 'style'.

I could go on to do the Diploma but I've decided to go back to studying Textiles with The Open College of the Arts as each Module will be assessed and count towards their BA Hons Textiles degree when it is validated by their accrediting University which is Bucks New University hopefully some time next year.

I'll leave this blog up on the world wide web in case anyone stumbles across it and finds it interesting.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Composite Sheets

A3 in size

Module 6 Documentation

Chapter 12 Study three Artist

Chapter 11 Making your Wall-Hanging

I've finished my wall hanging at last.  This is the design I went with .....

..... and this is how it turned out.  I've had to put it on the floor to photograph it as I envisage it being hung from hooks on a wall.  As my theme was the hose pipe ban in the North West of England I used a piece of hose pipe through the fabric loops which would then hang from the hooks.

I wanted to use spiral wires to suspend the blue parts so it looks as if they where floating over the background but when I came to hold it up they flopped so I had to stitch some beads occasionally to hold them on to the background but I still think it works.

top right

top right



I used hand dyed cotton in blues and greens then machine stitched blue organza on top. I cut the shapes out then used my soldering iron to cut away parts of the organza to show the fabric underneath before attaching to stiff adhesive backed fabric.

close up a

close up b

close up c

The background is  hand dyed then I discharged spirals before machine stitching in the space in between.  I was going to gather the fabric but it didn't work so I undid it.

close up of background 

close up discharge pattern and stitching

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Chapter 10 continued

I played with this design in Photoshop

and using perspective I've come up with this version which I think will work quite nicely.

Sian suggests I use a bit more blue instead of the green in it.  So using Photoshop again I changed the green to blue, but I think it needs to be a combination of both colours.

Now I've just got to convert this design into an embroidered Wall hanging.

I dyed cotton for the background.  I'd hoped it would be more mottled than it turned out so I used some discharge paste to stamp the pattern I'd used on the coloured paper.

Samples for Background layer

Discharged sample as base for further samples

Sample 1 gathered

Sample 1 with soluble lace

Sample 2

Sample 2 with Soluble Lace

Perhaps machine stitch Sample 1 before gathering as well???

Samples for Top Layer

Sample 1 machine stitched organza over cotton (separate)

Sample 2 machine stitched organza over cotton (separate)

Sample 3 machine stitched organza over cotton 
(stitched together)

Sample 3 with parts of organza melted away

I'm leaning towards Sample 3.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Chapter 10 Converting your design into Embroidery

The finished Wall Hanging for this Module has to be A1 (24 x 34 inches approx) in size so I used Photoshop to enlarge my chosen design and printed it in black on A4 pieces of copy paper and glued them together to the size I wanted then roughly painted it with the colours of the original.  I've put it up on a wall for a few days to look at each time I pass to make sure I've chosen the right one and to decide how I am going to translate it into embroidery.

Funny thing last night as I was trying to get to sleep some ideas came to me so I'll be doing some sample over the next few days.

A4 photocopy the larger version I printed as a draft is a lot lighter
so I could paint onto it with my chosen colours

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Chapter 9 Decorative papers

I painted  papers in my chosen colours - blue, green and reddy brown.

I then used them to translate some of the black paper designs into A3 colour.

No 1

No 2 layer 1

No 2 layer 2

No 3

No 4

No 5

Chapter 8 Research for Conservation theme

I was undecided what to study for my Conservation theme but today 20th July (this post may be published later) it hit me in the face or should I say rained on me.

In the North West of England we have had a hosepipe ban in place since 9th July but for most of today most of this area has been deluged by rain leading to flooding in many places.

Design Exercise - select some of the words Sian suggested as well as some that relate to my theme and using black paper cut, rip or manipulate the paper to reflect the meaning of the word.

No 1

No 2

No 3

 No 4

No 5

No 6

No 7

No 8

No 9

No 10

No 11

No 12


No 13

Next I had to re-work some of the black designs using coloured papers.


No 15


No 16


No 17


No 18


No 19

No 20 


No 21

No 22