Sunday, 8 August 2010

Chapter 10 continued

I played with this design in Photoshop

and using perspective I've come up with this version which I think will work quite nicely.

Sian suggests I use a bit more blue instead of the green in it.  So using Photoshop again I changed the green to blue, but I think it needs to be a combination of both colours.

Now I've just got to convert this design into an embroidered Wall hanging.

I dyed cotton for the background.  I'd hoped it would be more mottled than it turned out so I used some discharge paste to stamp the pattern I'd used on the coloured paper.

Samples for Background layer

Discharged sample as base for further samples

Sample 1 gathered

Sample 1 with soluble lace

Sample 2

Sample 2 with Soluble Lace

Perhaps machine stitch Sample 1 before gathering as well???

Samples for Top Layer

Sample 1 machine stitched organza over cotton (separate)

Sample 2 machine stitched organza over cotton (separate)

Sample 3 machine stitched organza over cotton 
(stitched together)

Sample 3 with parts of organza melted away

I'm leaning towards Sample 3.

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