Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chapter 11 Making your Wall-Hanging

I've finished my wall hanging at last.  This is the design I went with .....

..... and this is how it turned out.  I've had to put it on the floor to photograph it as I envisage it being hung from hooks on a wall.  As my theme was the hose pipe ban in the North West of England I used a piece of hose pipe through the fabric loops which would then hang from the hooks.

I wanted to use spiral wires to suspend the blue parts so it looks as if they where floating over the background but when I came to hold it up they flopped so I had to stitch some beads occasionally to hold them on to the background but I still think it works.

top right

top right



I used hand dyed cotton in blues and greens then machine stitched blue organza on top. I cut the shapes out then used my soldering iron to cut away parts of the organza to show the fabric underneath before attaching to stiff adhesive backed fabric.

close up a

close up b

close up c

The background is  hand dyed then I discharged spirals before machine stitching in the space in between.  I was going to gather the fabric but it didn't work so I undid it.

close up of background 

close up discharge pattern and stitching

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