Sunday, 1 August 2010

Chapter 8 Research for Conservation theme

I was undecided what to study for my Conservation theme but today 20th July (this post may be published later) it hit me in the face or should I say rained on me.

In the North West of England we have had a hosepipe ban in place since 9th July but for most of today most of this area has been deluged by rain leading to flooding in many places.

Design Exercise - select some of the words Sian suggested as well as some that relate to my theme and using black paper cut, rip or manipulate the paper to reflect the meaning of the word.

No 1

No 2

No 3

 No 4

No 5

No 6

No 7

No 8

No 9

No 10

No 11

No 12


No 13

Next I had to re-work some of the black designs using coloured papers.


No 15


No 16


No 17


No 18


No 19

No 20 


No 21

No 22

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